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THORILEX Hydroponic system

Automatic, vertical
Easy to grow, easy to harvest, easy to live.

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THORILEX Hydroponic system

The automatic vertical THORILEX hydroponic system is innovative and dynamic system of vertical farming using hydroponic method of plants growing that is based on growing plants in the nutrient solution.

It is suitable for growing smaller plants (non-fertile).

Turnkey THORILEX Hydroponic system to fit in your project.

** We provide introductory prices right now. **


  • Much higher production

    Using this vertical farming system will increase your production a lot compared to the best automatic hydroponic systems.

  • Rotating

    Rotating vertical farming system makes harvesting truly easy. Rotation helps the plants to create more stable environment.

  • Just the best materials and technologies

    We are using just the best materials and technologies all over the world during production. Construction is designed simply and smartly.

  • Higher profitability

    Using fully the space with smaller area and huge production, the projects can be placed closer to the final consumer.

  • Lower investment cost

    Much smaller space up to half number of lights and smaller amount of material overall makes the investment cost lower.

  • Lower operating costs

    Half number of lights and operation in smaller space requires lower operation costs. System uses gravitation for the rotation so the operation costs are minimal.

Special watering system for higher vitality of the plants and lower risk of death

During development of the system with the best professionals in their specialization we found out that it is essential for the plants to grow up in the fully wet growing medium. That brought us to design and use special spraying system that helps to keep the growing medium wet in the plants area. This innovation increases vitality of plants and reduces risk of plant death.

The spraying system does not need any additional energy. It uses energy in the system and basic physical laws.

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Reuseable baskets

For growing plants in the vertical THORILEX hydroponic system, we use special baskets which can be used repeatedly. Specific construction of THORILEX Hydroponic basket allows to remove the plants without damaging root system and the basket.

Product list

Case study

Simple but clever solution makes construction of the system easy. Our solution including material, items, details, production and costs can be found in the “Case Study” that can be downloaded here.

What do we believe in?

In THORILEX we believe in innovative technologies that break existing standards. We believe in a better and healthier world. We like to determine the way and discover the unknown.

Standards are broken by us making our projects user-friendly with emphasis to efficiency, quality and environment.

It brings us to make great automatic vertical systems.

Urban farming

The idea of urban farming is to produce food locally in a city for the people who are living in the city. Automatic vertical farming system is suitable into the projects anywhere in the city.

People in the city are willing to pay extra money for the fresh and healthy food that is produced ecologically. Aquaponics is considering to be one of the sustainable ways of farming. Automatic vertical hydroponic system is simple to connect with the fish tanks to create aquaponics.

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